Cycling at Forest Farm

Much of Forest Farm is fine for considerate cycling — the main exceptions are the canal towpath, and the footpaths that lead up to it that have no other continuation (ie, they “dead end” at the towpath). Please see the rough map showing where you can and can’t cycle around Forest Farm, below.

There are generally discreet signs on gate posts, or similar, at points beyond which cycling isn’t permitted (although sadly they tend to get vandalised or just removed by some less considerate people).

Pedestrians have priority over all other users on pathways at Forest Farm.

When cycling around Forest Farm, please

  • use a bell  (or similar) to alert pedestrians to your presence
  • cycle at a speed that’s appropriate to a nature reserve.
  • always cycle with respect for other users and please acknowledge those who give way to you.

Equally, pedestrians should

  • remember that cyclists need room to brake and stop
  • thank a cyclist that stops or waits for them to pass