Anyone can join the Friends of Forest Farm.
We currently have nearly 400 members many of whom no longer live in the area but still show their support.


Paypal is a safe and secure online payment system.
You can renew your membership with the button below to set up an annual subscription.
Each year at this time it will automatically pay your £5 membership. You don’t need to remember to do it.
At any time you can cancel this via your paypal account, or just ask us and we can do it.

Annual Cost

Membership is £5 per household per year.
There is no need for multiple people in your family to join.
You can of course make a donation as well if you wish.

Newsletter Choice

Members get our latest newsletter exclusively (quarterly).
Most now choose to have this delivered online in pdf format. Wherever possible, the online version contains high quality colour images.
We are happy to post a paper copy in the mail for you. The printed version will be in black and white (A4 size).

If you’d ever like to donate more money than the £5 annual membership you can do so at any of our events or via ourPaypal donation page.
Unfortunately paypal is not able to combine a membership fee and donation in one transaction so a donation needs to be done separately.

Newsletter Delivery
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Alternatively…download and print

membership form
You can download the pdf membership form and print it off. Send it in the post together with your cheque.
Please do not send cash in the post. We do accept cash or cheques at any of our events or festivals.

Friends of Forest Farm Nature Reserve and Glamorganshire Canal