Swifts in Trouble

Albyn Austin summarises the first talk of the winter season, which was given by Alan Rosney about the Glamorgan Swift Project, last Wednesday 20th November.

Replacing Our Bird Hides

Updated: 11 Nov 2019

burned-down bird hide

On the weekend of 10/11 August one of our bird hides was burned down. We intend to replace it with a more robust (and much less flammable) structure.

We’re very happy to be able to say that the Council’s insurers have now agreed a settlement for the burned-down hide. (This can only be spent on replacing hide 1, but we know from the research we’ve done that it will only cover part of the cost.)

In addition to the insurance settlement, the Just Giving campaign that was kindly set up by Cllr Mike Phillips (Whitchurch & Tongwynlais) closed with a total of £2,743.48 donated by 116 people and we have had several other substantial donations. Very many thanks to everyone for their generosity.

So we now have a firm idea of the total funds available for a new hide. A design is currently being finalised (it’s likely to be based around a specially customized shipping container) and quotations will be sought from suppliers for supply, delivery and “installation”.

What about the other hide?

Since the remaining hide (hide 2) is wooden, it’s also at risk from fire, intentional or otherwise. It’s also now quite old and in increasingly poor condition (notwithstanding lots of maintenance and renovation done by volunteers over the years), so needs replacing.

A new hide 1 is obviously the priority, but we would like to replace hide 2 as well, as soon as we can. Given how much we know it’s likely to cost (based on estimates for hide 1), we’ll be launching dedicated fundraising for hide 2 in due course.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the replacement of our bird hides is very welcome to make a donation direct to Friends of Forest Farm.