The Orchard

The orchard at Forest Farm has over 70 fruit trees — mostly apples (eating, cooking and cider), but also pear, plum, gage, cherry and a medlar. Many of the trees have been ‘adopted’, several in memory of family members. (If you’d like to adopt a tree, please get in touch.)

The orchard at Forest Farm
The orchard at hay-raking time

The table below shows where specific trees are planted in the orchard, looking from the Wardens Centre end, with the Taff Trail on the left, and Forest Farm Road on the right.

Trees are eating apples, unless otherwise stated.

Morgan Sweet (Cider)     Brith Mawr
Lord Lambourne Saint Cecilia Saint Cecilia Pitmasten Pineapple Brownlees Russet Lord Lambourne  
Brownlees Russet Gravenstein
Kenneth Pig Aderyn
Winter Nelis (Pear) Concorde (Pear) Enlli (Eng:Bardsey) Rosemary Russet Bakers Delicious Marged Nicholas  
Louise Bonne (Pear) Conference (Pear) Ashmead’s Kernel Gwŷr (Eng:Channel Beauty) Glansevin Mother Brith Mawr
Sunset Claygate Pearmain Beth (Pear) Pen Caled (Cider) Pig Yr Wydd (Cooker) Tin Yr Gwydd (Cooker) Gwŷr (Eng:Channel Beauty)
Royal Jubilee (Cooker) Conference (Pear) Victoria (Plum) Beauty of Bath Brith Mawr (Cooking, Cider) Sweetheart (Cherry) Court of Wick
Cummy Norman (Cider) Perthyre (Cider) Twyn Y Sherrif (Cider) Broom Sweet (Cider) Frederick (Cider) Early Transparent (Gage) George Cave
Merryweather (Gage) Bramley’s Seedling (Cooker) Damson Merryweather (Plum) Duke of Devonshire Stella
Lord Lambourne
Laxton’s Superb Stella (Cherry) Jonagold Discovery Jonagored Supra James Grieve Monmouth Green
Monmouth Green Gelli Aur
Talgarth Medlar    
Malus sp. Prunus domestica (Hauszwersche) Malus sp.