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In March 1990 a Group was formed to contribute in whatever way possible to the protection and development of the Glamorgan Canal Local Nature Reserve and Forest Farm, and to promote the study of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The Nature Reserve, situated in Whitchurch Cardiff, was formed in 1967 and straddles the last remaining stretch of the former Cardiff Merthyr canal which still holds fresh water to a quality good enough to provide a good hunting ground for Kingfishers, Herons and many others species. The majority of the woodland is Beech and Oak with several trees being over 200 years old, and the part called Long Wood is designated a S.S.S.I together with the Canal.

May 2nd 2016. Statement about the recent doormice traps

Visitors to the Top and Hospital Meadows may have noticed a number of boxes attached to trees and other areas of vegetation. There are also a number of squares of roofing felt on the ground. We understand that these are surveying methods to identify if there are dormice and reptiles in this area.
This is next stage of the legal process to enable Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust to destroy the Hospital Meadows by housing and also causing severe environmental to the surrounding Nature Reserve.
We have discussed the surveying methods with experts and there are concerns over the techniques being used.
The Friends of Forest Farm are therefore looking into undertaken their own survey to ensure that the legal requirements are followed.

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